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If you were to find yourself on the corner of hard work & dedication, you’ll also find one of our master minds -- Miss Meg! Getting her start at a young age as a receptionist in the salon, she worked her way up the ranks to a top stylist Meghan’s passion for hair and her ability to satisfy all is why she has the reputation she does. Also known as the life of the party, sitting in Meghan’s chair is like reuniting with your high school bestie! With over 10+ years of experience, Meghan’s guaranteed to make you feel beautiful while making your belly hurt from laughing & your cheeks burn from the smile on your face when she gives you that final spin into the mirror!

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Sam has been described as a “perfectionist” from a very young age and a trait has never played more into someone’s work than his! Sam has been a professional stylist for almost 9 years but hair has been his passion for far longer than that. He has many artistic challenges and specializes in balayage, foiliage & extensions. The only things he loves more than a happy client with a beautiful head of hair are Anthony & Nicki Minaj. 

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Colleen got her start as a makeup artist over 7 years ago and went on to cosmetology school to broaden her horizons since. She worked under all of our stylists, eagerly & always learning along with absorbing all of our techniques before moving up to stylist. Now - -  Colleen is a powerhouse of a hairdresser! She radiates a loving & goofy energy with a contagious laugh that everyone immediately falls in love with. Colleen is a colorist as well as an amazing makeup artist.

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Amanda is one part of the duo that created The Werk Room. Getting her start in hair freshly after high school - - Amanda has worked her way up from assistant, to stylist & now part owner! Her effervescent personality and passion to make someone smile is just a small portion of the reasons as to what makes her the amazing stylist that she is! Amanda is a color and extension specialist as well as a Beyoncé encyclopedia!

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Anthony would consider himself a beauty specialist! Getting his start in the industry as a makeup artist over 10 years ago - - Anthony wanted to open his chair to more than just makeup. He attended cosmetology school over 8 years ago and has been a double threat ever since - - & with Sam being his partner in life along with behind the chair, his free spirit is guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and welcomed!

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Upon entering - -  the first friendly face you’ll see is Paul (honestly you’ll probably hear him before even seeing him!) His massive personality and even bigger heart is just one of the reasons why we all love him so much & we can assure you, that you will find plenty of your own as well! Whether he is asking you what you would like to drink, helping you book your next appointment, or holding the door for you on your way out - -  he is a vital part of The Werk Room experience that we pride ourselves in. Paul is the Kris Jenner of our family & your soon to be new best friend!

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